Who we are

We are coffee lovers who continually thrill at the variety of flavors in specialty-grade coffee. We love sharing our discoveries with our friends and neighbors. Visit us Tuesday thru Friday 8a-1030a and most Saturdays from 10a-noon.

What we provide

Premium single-origin coffees roasted in small batches and delivered fresh to your door within 48 hours – one-order-at-a-time or on a recurring subscription basis.

Why small batch?

Like a good radio station, we mix it up and regularly rotate our offerings. Coffee is seasonal – different coffees are harvested at different times of the year around the world. By roasting in small batches, we can pick and choose from that variety and don’t need to commit to large inventory of any one coffee.


Supporting better pay for coffee growers

We source only specialty-grade green coffee grown by farmers who care about quality. We work with importers who have direct relationships with growers and make sure they are compensated at the higher levels they deserve. When we pay for quality, producers get better pay.

We believe:

  • Consistent quality shouldn't be the exception.
  • A coffee roaster is just one link in the long chain of production; it takes many people from around the world to produce one excellent cup of coffee.
  • Customer service should be as excellent as our coffee.