Sweet Peach blogger pays us a visit

We recently hosted Pamela Berger of the Southern design-focused Sweet Peach blog and gave her a brief tour (easy to do at our small space). She was very nice to make our space look better in images than in reality! It was great to show one of our first visitors around and talk about the operation and coffee for so long. We can't wait to show it off to more visitors.

Check out the full write here. A couple photos and excerpts follow.

Coffee, at its origin is a food crop. Like a fine wine, the taste varies based on the soil it is grown in, the care the farmer provides, when it is harvested and how. The farmer who raised the beans now passes the responsibility on to those that roast and ultimately brew those beans. Chip savors the challenge. As he shared, ‘There are all these flavors locked inside a coffee bean that you don’t realize are there.’
— http://www.sweetpeachblog.com/journal/2015/10/15/radio-roasters.html