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Full Spectrum: Las Lajas Yellow Honey

Full Spectrum: Las Lajas Yellow Honey

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Cranberry bright acidity, red wine, toffee sweet finish

Another offering from Oscar and Francesca Chacon's Las Lajas micromill – this yellow honey process Caturra and Catuai coffee shines. Caturra is a naturally occuring dwarf mutation of Bourbon first discovered in Minas Gerais, Brazil and later cultivated.

Coffee cherry from Finca Calle Liles is harvested and sorted and then delivered to the mill and promptly depulped. After this, the coffee is placed directly onto raised beds for a few days and then transferred to a covered patio where it is turned regularly until the drying process is complete

Importer: Café Imports

Note: We find this coffee benefits from 7-10 days rest after roast day 

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