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Mexico: San Vicente Yogondoy

Mexico: San Vicente Yogondoy

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We taste apple, baking spices, agave

Our second lot of outstanding coffee from Sierra Sur region of Oaxaca. This lot is from smallholders around the village of San Vicente Yogondoy. And like our Santa Cruz Ozolotepec lot, this Pluma Hidalgo variety, a Typica offshoot, pops with bright, malic acid with baking spice notes all rounded out with agave sweetness.

San Vicente Yogondoy is a lush, densely forested, isolated, and remote community nearby San Agustin Loxicha in the Sierra Sur region of Oaxaca. The Garcia Luna family has organized with extended family members to deliver impeccably clean parchment. Each producer’s harvest is cupped individually, then blended or separated according to quality. Productivity within the group is relatively high and each farmer has on average 5 hectares, making production of high-quality coffee a more profitable proposition.

Importer: Red Fox Coffee Merchants

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