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Peru Nueva Esperanza Amazonas

Peru Nueva Esperanza Amazonas

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Juicy pear, ripe nectarine, white honey, vanilla sweet cream, demerara sugar

We ventured outside our usual origin options because this selection from Peru is such a stellar coffee.

Nestled in a remote area outside of Jaén, Peru, some 4,200 people reside in 15 main communities scattered over the 150-square mile district of La Jalca Grande. It takes a lot of determination and intense, ongoing work just to live in this terrain, much less grow anything, and the producers of this lovely coffee do just that. In the mists and moisture of the forest, they plant and cultivate coffee trees on slopes sometimes approaching 45 degrees.

Technical assistance from their cooperative on proper crop management and good environmental and agricultural practices helps guarantee the quality of their coffee. A stand out on the cupping table and showcases the rich terroir of the Amazonas region.

Importer: Catalyst Trade

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